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Working for the top segment of the private market, the top 3-5% of households, requires qualities such as discretion, honesty, reliability and the ability to switch quickly if necessary. Our customers can be demanding, but above all they need clear and clear communication with a party that can relate to the wealthy target group and knows what is needed there.

We like to work with partner companies that recognize themselves in the above profile. They also provide services to the same target group. The aforementioned services complement each other. 

So if you are looking for other services, feel free to contact one of the companies below.

Partner companies: The International Butler Academy - Recruitment Agency

The International Butler Academy (TIBA) is a unique, exclusive and professional butling and house management school. We are proud to be the finest and most innovative butler service training institute in the world. We are equally proud that some of the world’s wealthiest families, international businesses, five-star hotels, resorts, private clubs and cruise lines turn to us for staff training, recruitment and our highly specialized consulting services. 

The International Butler Academy is an officially registered training institute. Of the various registrations, the one with the Dutch CRKBO ( is one of the most important ones. This governing body examines, verifies and registers private institutes, assuring that these institutes and its trainers comply with the highest standards of education and that appropriate policies are in place.

Our students and our requirements
Our students come from all over the globe and their backgrounds differ enormously. Successful graduates include dermatologists, carpenters, private bankers, hotel directors, taxi drivers and lawyers! Approximately 35 percent of our students are female, and ages have ranged from 18-68. 

The course is run completely in English, so a working knowledge of English, and a minimum age of 18 is required. While no previous training or experience is necessary, a service oriented attitude and the right personality is very important for this esteemed profession.

Recruitment agency
Together with The International Guild of Professional Butlers (The Guild), The International Butler Academy assists our clients with all of their recruitment needs. Our recruitment agency specializes in placing butlers, house- and estate managers, domestic couples and other private staff. We recruit for palaces, households, business companies, governments, hotels, resorts and the cruise- and yacht industry.

Partner companies: a dedicated private household staffing agency

Partnerbedrijven: Maid at Home

Maid at Home is a training and mediation agency for professional domestic workers in the higher segment.
We strive to select and train the best resident and non-resident maids, housekeepers and household managers in the Netherlands and internationally. 
With a small and dedicated team, we match our clients with the perfect candidates and are proud and satisfied with every placement. 
We have our own Maid at Home Academy (in collaboration with The International ButlerAcademy) where we offer training and coaching.
Maid at Home contributes to a sustainable planet by using and promoting only environmentally friendly and biodegradable products.

Anoesjka Imambaks started Maid at Home in 2011 as a luxury brand for professional housekeepers. 
Her personal mission is to put working as a ‘cleaning lady’ on the map as a fully-fledged profession. It is about improving the employment law position and ensuring a positive image and status of the work. 
Her vision and commitment was recognized in 2016 when she won the Ondernemersprjjs from Ethnische Zakenvrouwen Nederland. Anoesjka is also a teacher in Housekeeping at the International Butler Academy. Where she is responsible for cleaning techniques, the use of (eco) cleaning products, safe working methods and household schedules. These are the most essential parts of managing large households.

Partner companies: Property manager en Personal Concierge

Partnerbedrijven: Björn

Your Property Manager & Personal Concierge
Your part-time personal assistant in Amsterdam

Hello, my name is Bjorn Soeteman
I am the Amsterdam-based ‘Property Manager & Personal Concierge’ you have been looking for.

Services vary from simply watering your plants and emptying your letter box to managing house and garden maintenance, cleaning & housekeeping services, vehicle servicing and repair, flowers, chocolate or champagne delivery, express courier services, relocation services, finding a schooling solution for your kids and even handling communications with the local authorities. I am also available to welcome guests or friends during your absence and can be the point of contact for your potential tenant. Even searching for property is one of my services. Just leave me anything you don’t have time for yourself.
I take great pride in my work and take particular care to ensure that you and your guests are happy. I enjoy helping people with small things like stocking your fridge with things you need for tonight’s dinner or larger issues like arranging your relocation, refurbishing your house or searching property for you. I offer you a unique service to solve your problems and I will go out of my way to fulfill your wants. At all times I will do my best to get you the best service tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Ik ben trots op mijn werk en doe er alles aan om het mijn klanten en hun gasten aan niets te laten ontbreken. Ik beleef er plezier aan om u te helpen met kleine dingen zoals het inkopen van producten die u nodig heeft voor het diner van vanavond, maar ook met grotere projecten zoals het coördineren van uw verhuizing of verbouwing. Ik bied u een unieke service om uw problemen op te lossen en doe mijn uiterste best om uw wensen te vervullen. U kunt van mij altijd service op maat verwachten, aangepast aan uw specifieke behoeften en omstandigheden.

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