In any case prior to mediation you have participated in at least one of our practical course days. This is a required part of our Nanny Academy training.

Practical course days

Part of the basic training will be taught classically during four practical course days. Each morning our introduction workshop is scheduled. In the afternoon sessions several other workshops are planned.
During these course days, (guest) teachers are invited to share their knowledge and experience in their own field.
All workshops that are given during the practical days are not only accessible to the new G&C nannies who have yet to complete the practical part of the basic training. G&C nannies who have been working for G&C families for years are also very welcome. So you always meet colleagues. You become part of our G&C community.


Jan Jaap van Weering
Jan Jaap van Weering: expert in the field of etiquette and manners
Jan Jaap van Weering has had a keen interest in etiquette and manners for decades. He owes his knowledge of good manners and sense of decorum largely to his upbringing and to his later (administrative) activities with a strongly representative character. In all kinds of situations, Jan Jaap noticed that people can feel insecure about their attitude and behavior on formal occasions. From the nineties he started to study the background of manners and began to give advice in his circle of friends and acquaintances about etiquette and manners. With his company Distinguished, founded in 2008, he has built an impressive client base and has provided more than 500 training courses and etiquette dinners. Jan Jaap is also a lecturer at the Protocolbureau and he holds a number of guest lecturers at various companies and universities of applied sciences, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IVA Business School, Netherlands Defense Academy / Institute of Defense Courses and Hogeschool Arnhem / Nijmegen. In addition, Jan Jaap is regularly invited to radio and television programs at NOS Radio 1, NPO1 WNL, AVROTROS “How Does It Actually Work?”, EO “Blauw Bloed”, BNR, SBS6 and RTL Nieuws. Jan Jaap is also active as a speaker at the Assemblee Speakers and the Speakers Academy. For more information
Tischa Neve
Tischa Neve: Child and Adolescent Psychologist and Play Therapist
Immediately after graduating in 1995, she and a colleague founded the "Children's Advice and Training Center" where she gave "educating" social skills training and parenting courses for a few years. After working for eight years at Bureau Jeugdzorg with criminal youths and their parents, she coached parents for five seasons who had problems raising their children in the EO TV program “Schatjes”. A book has been published about this program. In September 2006, Tischa started with "Groot & Klein" from where she gives lectures, workshops and coaching in parenting and guides and treats children. Since September 2008, Tischa is the regular parenting coach of J / M magazine. In addition to all this, Tischa works with great passion and pleasure at Stichting Sam, a volunteer organization where she provides (behavioral) therapy with the help of dolphins to children with autism-related disorders and Down's Syndrome. See also her website
Ron Kleijn
Ron Kleijn: director-owner Solectief (training and advice)
Ron Kleijn has many years of experience as a manager in the supermarket industry, where he has always experienced the human factor as the most important. With this practical experience and the knowledge he has gained, as the owner of Solectief, he has been providing advice and training since 2007 to get the most out of companies, departments, teams and individuals. Whether it is a food retailer or an IT security company, it does not matter, it is about the human factor. Solective stands for the Soloist in the Collective, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Within the Nanny Academy, Ron provides the Competences workshop in which he demonstrates that it is not about what someone says what he / she can do, but that it is about how others experience it. Also see
Myrte van Gurp
Myrte van Gurp: remedial educationalist
Myrte studied remedial education in Leiden. During her studies she worked in childcare and gained a lot of experience working with young children. After this she worked as a nanny in Brussels and Amsterdam. Through this “pioneering” in the nanny field, she has learned a lot about working in family situations. She also knows well what is important for a developing nanny. Myrte has been involved with Görtz & Crown since 2012 and provides the substantive part of the online learning environment. She provides content for the modules in the Nanny Academy and guides and coaches nannies during their training and on the job. She is both mentor and pedagogical support for our nannies and families.
Sietske Altena
Sietske Altena: remedial educationalist
Sietske studied HBO Pedagogy in Leeuwarden and then did the master's in Special Education in Groningen. During her studies she worked as a childminder and through multiple internships she worked with many different age groups. After her studies she started working as a nanny through Görtz and Crown. She has now been working as a nanny for 6.5 years. Sietske focuses on the pedagogical part of Görtz and Crown. She also trains and coaches G&C nannies in the Nanny Academy.

Location practical weekend

The practical course days take place at locations in the Randstad or the center of the country. These locations will be announced to the participating nannies well in advance of the planned practical course days.