The Nanny Academy is primarily an online learning environment. You can therefore follow the modules when it suits you best. A part of the Academy are the (offline) practical course days.

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How long does the basic training take?

The basic training consists of 12 modules and 4 portfolio assignments. Most of the modules can be completed online, but some of them are covered during the 4 extra practical course days.
Please note that some of the assignments have to be done practically but have to be uploaded to the G&C Nanny Academy for feedback.

The training can be finished at your own pace and within your own schedule.
The basic training including the portfolio assignments can be finished in between 6 to 12 months.

Nanny Nicky
I can imagine that it can be difficult to stay motivated to study once you work full time as a nanny. It is part of working for Görtz & Crow and I believe it is good to always continue to grow, especially in an initial phase of a job!
Nanny Nicky