Before admission to the Nanny Academy, we will carefully review your profile, previous education and relevant work experience. An extensive screening will follow.

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Admission to the G&C Nanny Academy

  • Not everyone qualifies to be a Görtz & Crown nanny. Potential admission at the Nanny Academy follows an extensive introductory interview. We will thoroughly look at your profile, education and relevant working experience. It is necessary that your profile matches this responsible job as a G&C nanny. This means you should have a proper basic education (at least Child Care Worker level 3 or an equivalent of this). Many of our placed nannies have a relevant MBO level 4 or HBO certificate. Furthermore, you should have the characteristics that matches a G&C nanny.

    To further train you to be a professional nanny, you should complete all modules of the basic training, later followed by further specialist training. During your enrollment at the G&C Nanny Academy you will learn amongst other things what it means to work with well-to-do families and which extra qualities from you are needed.

  • Before mediation, you should in any case have successfully participated at least one of the four practical course days that are a mandatory feature in the basic training.