The Nanny Academy is primarily an online learning environment. You can therefore follow the modules when it suits you best. The (offline) course days are a highly appreciated part of the Academy.

How long does the educative program take?

The training consists of 33 modules in 6 categories:

– development – baby (5 modules);
– development – 1 year and older (8 modules);
– nutrition (3 modules);
– development of the nanny (9 modules);
– communication (4 modules);
– professional nanny (4 modules).

Depending on your Personal Development Plan, you do certain modules with associated assignments. The modules can be followed and handed in digitally. In addition, there are 4 extra practical course days (offline) with workshops and assignments.
De training can be carried out at your own pace and within your own schedule. In practice, this happens in addition to the permanent job.
The duration of the training depends on your (child-related) prior education and work experience and of course depends on the time spent per week. We are happy to discuss with you how we estimate this in your situation. Feel free to contact us.

Curious and do you want to know more? Then call Miriam or fill in the contact form. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Nanny Nicky about the training

Nanny Nicky over de opleiding

I can well imagine that it is difficult to study if you have already been placed, but it is part of it and I also believe that it is good to continue to develop, especially in the early stages of a job!

Vul hier in waarnaar u op zoek bent.