An important reason why our nannies choose us: full time employment with one family with an attractive salary. In addition, we are committed to supporting our G&C nannies as well as possible.

Why work with Görtz & Crown?

There are multiple reasons why our nannies chose to work with us:

Görtz & Crown focuses on the children’s upbringing and development and taking over care from a family. This makes it more than just regular child daycare. A job as a professional G&C nanny offers you a unique opportunity to be intensively involved in the development of one or more children daily. You get plenty of space to focus your attention on an individual child without the time pressure from a large group of children as in child daycare.

Professional G&C nannies who are employed receive a contract from a family (the employer). The family is responsible for your social insurance and will pay the employers contributions. The job varies between 30 and 45 working hours on average and offers a unique combination of freedom, independence and responsibilities.

The salary of a G&C nanny is usually a lot higher than the salary in child daycare and other child related jobs. Your talents and responsibilities have to be rewarded after all! You can discuss extra terms for example travel expenses or other costs or the possibility of a car with your employer. If you will be working as a resident nanny, you will be offered an apartment or spacious area in the family home with sufficient privacy.

Görtz & Crown trains each year a growing number of candidates (who previously or still working in child daycare, maternity care or school daycare) to become professional nannies via our own Nanny Academy. After completing the Nanny Academy they find employment with a family. Görtz & Crown supports our graduate nannies not only with mediating during your application but also during your entire G&C nanny career. At the Nanny Academy you develop in every aspect of the nanny job. You stay aware of the newest trends in child care, upbringing and related matters as well as keeping connected with you peers.
After placement, as a G&C nanny, you are certainly not alone. Görtz & Crown supports our graduated nannies with mediation, so with your application. Even after this, if you are working for your employer, we are there for you as a coach. Moreover, you can always rely on your fellow nannies at Görtz & Crown. We have a very active (online) G&C nanny community.
If you are interested in another nanny job after working for one family for several years G&C can help you further with your nanny career. We have a online job centre which is open for our nannies and where we continue to coach you. Our goal is to have a durable with our nannies. This means we keep coaching and supporting you throughout your nanny career (salary, employment contract and other matters).

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Nanny Sietske about Görtz & Crown

Nanny Sietske

The cooperation with Görtz & Crown I have experienced to be enjoyable and open. Görtz & Crown is available 24/7, even during the weekend, for advise, help and just to listen.

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