As a G&C nanny you become part of a family and you have a versatile package of duties with many responsibilities.

What does a G&C nanny do?

Families in which one or both parents have a demanding job with high responsibilities often struggle with organizing the family. Regular child daycare or a temporary au-pair may fall short in this case. A full time professional who takes over tasks in the field of child care and upbringing is the perfect solution for this problem. A nanny, sometimes also called a governess or nursemaid, brings rest and stability to the household.

Multi-dimensional and high responsibilities

As a nanny, you will become part of a household and you will have a multi-dimensional set of tasks with high responsibilities. You are responsible for taking care of the children and take over part of their upbringing, working together with the parents or caretakers. You provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment that allows one or more children to develop optimally. Furthermore, your job can include (light) child related housekeeping tasks like tidying the children's playing or sleeping areas or preparing meals and snacks. It also includes doing small groceries and taking care of the (children's) laundry.

Creativity and organization skills

Your responsibilities may include the preparation of events, trips, travels and everything involved with this. This constantly calls for creativity and organization skills. When working with well-to-do families security is crucial. Obviously, guarding the safety and health of the children is part of your responsibilities as a nanny.

Great, interesting job!

These examples give just a small impression of the nanny job. It is a great, challenging and interesting job that allows you to develop yourself further and use your own talents. Families who are looking for a nanny via Görtz & Crown have high expectations for a nanny’s personality. A G&C nanny job is not for everyone. You can cross check the characteristics G&C list below with your own and see if you match these.

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Nanny Roos-Marijn:

Nanny Roos Marijn

As a nanny, you are an enrichment to the family, so everyone can develop securely in their own familiar environment and the family reaches its fullest potential. No stress, everything well-organized, everyone happy. That is what I do this job for.

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