The combination of having a busy life and giving the best possible care to your children can be a difficult task. A nanny can offer you relief. With a nanny in your household, an atmosphere of peace, stability and structure is instantly created.

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What does a G&C nanny do?

A Görtz & Crown nanny is a schooled professional. She is well educated and experienced in the field of (young) child development and upbringing. All nannies have basic training and further modules from our self-founded Nanny Academy, as well as pedagogic education.

A G&C nanny works fulltime for one family. She takes up tasks regarding the children’s care and upbringing, as well as organizational tasks, such as coordinating playdates and appointments for the children. She does the grocery shopping and cooks nutritious meals. Furthermore, she can take over part of the housekeeping that is relevant for the children, such as doing laundry and ironing.

A G&C nanny creates a safe and secure environment that enables your children to develop to their full potential. Naturally, she does this in close partnership with you. Within often busy households, she acts as a beacon of tranquility by offering regularity and stability to the children and aranging organizational tasks for the household.

Typical G&C nanny characteristics

We select our nannies based on the following characteristics and pay a lot of attention to this in the Nanny Academy…

  • High sense of responsibility and servitude
  • Optimism and enthusiasm
  • Confidence and stress-resistance
  • Broadminded and creative
  • Respectfulness and discretion
  • Honesty, consistency and reliability
  • Empathy, flexibility and sensitivity
  • Representativity and good manners
  • Proactivity and organizational skills

Difference au pair, childminder and nanny

Au-pairChildminder / Regular nannyG&C nanny
Caring role 
Nurturing / educative role 
Taking over tasks 
Specialized in family pedagogy 
MBO 2/3  
MBO 4/HBO   
Coaching during and after placement 
High flexibility in working hours 
Employment for at least 1 year 
Contract for at least 30 hours per week 
Works for only one household 
Basic training Nanny Academy 
Further training Nanny Academy 
Nanny Christel
It is lovely to work with children. They are honest, spontaneous, active and sweet. I like helping children develop into little adults. If you can help a family with raising their children, it gives a lot of gratification. It is almost an honor that they trust you with this!Nanny Christel

Resident, non-resident or temporary?

A nanny can work in different ways, of which resident and non-resident are the most well-known. However, you can also temporarily employ a nanny, for example due to illness, a busy period or as extended maternity care.

If you are interested in a resident or non-resident nanny, you can look at our thorough procedure to find the nanny that fits your wishes. This is our quality approach to provide you with the best possible service. Naturally, you can also contact us directly for questions and information. If you wish to have a temporary nanny, you can contact our team at all times as well.

G&C method

The Görtz & Crown method is affiliated with our four core values:

With Görtz & Crown, you can have a professional nanny to help you with the optimal organization of your household in just a few steps.

This method may seem long with its 15 steps but can be completed in less than a month if needed.

Nanny Myriam
I think the best part about being a nanny is that you can give special attention to each family member – of course the children come first! A great job in which you work independently and your days are so diverse. You start your day with a big smile and end it with satisfaction!Nanny Myriam

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