Are you flexible? Do you have organizational skills? Are you sensitive, discrete and eager to learn? Is your passion working with (young) children?

G&C nanny characteristics

In addition to the characteristics that you may expect from someone working in the baby and child care industry, we expect the following characteristics from our nannies:

High degree of flexibility

You act calmly and adequately, both in irregular working hours and unexpected situations to which you may have to respond. You are prepared for everything. You are creative in finding solutions and you are stress-resistant.

Organization skills

You are in total control and you stick to the daily schedule quickly and effortlessly. You have already figured out yesterday how the day will be run today. It takes a lot to get you out of control!


You know exactly how to deal with children AND their parents. You can feel mood and tension well and act accordingly. You offer stability and tranquility for the entire family. Children feel comfortable and at ease with you.


As a nanny, you may hear and see a lot. It goes without saying that you handle this confidently and treat all the information about the family with the greatest respect. This means you do not tell your friends and family about the confidential matters in the household. Discretion has a high priority to you.

Eager to learn

of child care and upbringing. Deepening and broadening your knowledge in your field is a necessity for you.

Want to know more? Then call Miriam. She is happy to inform you about the possibilities. Or fill in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

nanny Amanda

When I arrive at work in the morning, I see a little boy with a big smile behind the window. I love that smile! It is delightful to see how happy I make him.

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