Would you like to be a professional in a household and provide stability for children, take care of them and have high responsibilities? If so, becoming a Görtz & Crown nanny might be the perfect job for you!
We select and train nannies and mediate between them and the households. Our unique training at the Nanny Academy is a solid preparation for a promising career.

The job of a nanny is still relatively unknown but more and more households in the Netherlands and Belgium are becoming acquainted with it. Regrettably, the job is sometimes compared to a childminder, babysitter or au-pair. However, this comparison does not do justice to the responsible and independent job of being a nanny.
Our employers are usually families who need a well-educated nanny to help them. These families need more from a nanny than they would from a childminder, babysitter or au-pair.
To become a nanny, we require you to have completed a child-related education of at least level MBO-3 and to have experience of working with children, for example in child daycare or as a teacher. Most of our current nannies are educated with MBO-4, HBO or WO.
To optimally prepare you for this specific job, you will complete a post MBO/HBO training at Görtz & Crown’s own Nanny Academy. This is a mandatory training for all our nannies. After successfully completing the basic training nannies will be introduced to an employer. Our nannies are required to stay up-to-date and this is done by continued training at our Nanny Academy.

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