Nice family with 2 lovely children is looking for you!

Our G&C nannies work full-time (30+ hours per week) and support busy families with the upbringing of children and the planning of all kinds of child- and family-related activities. The term ‘family manager’ is actually more appropriate. We have several interesting vacancies at the moment.

As a G&C nanny you will be employed by one family.  Our clients are busy families who need a well-trained nanny. These are families who demand more from a nanny than from a guest parent, babysitter or au pair.

Many of our nannies work in Amsterdam (Zuid), Aerdenhout or ‘t Gooi, for example, but certainly also elsewhere in the Netherlands. Sometimes even abroad. Nanny Academy is the solid preparation for a great nanny career.

Are you curious whether becoming a nanny is something for you? We gladly inform you about the possibilities. Sometimes it is possible to walk along with one of our nannies for a day. She can tell you everything about her considerations to become a nanny and about her experiences with Görtz & Crown. 

Benefits Görtz & Crown Nanny:

Görtz & Crown is the training and mediation agency for professional nannies. For more than 12 years we recruit and select suitable candidates, train them to become professional nannies and subsequently place them with a suitable client in the higher segment. Görtz & Crown is active in the Netherlands and Belgium but also places nannies in other countries.

We would like to meet with you to discuss your personal situation. Send Miriam an e-mail with your CV so you can make an appointment.

Make an appointment?

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