Would you like to be a professional in a household and provide stability for children, take care of them and have high responsibilities? If so, becoming a Görtz & Crown nanny might be the perfect job for you!

Have you ever thought about
becoming a nanny?

Do you really want to make a difference in educational terms and make use of your passion? Then becoming a nanny through Görtz & Crown might be something for you.
Our G&C nannies work full-time (30+ hours per week) and support busy families with raising the children and planning all kinds of child and family-related activities. The term "family manager" or "family-personal assistant" is actually better suited.
As a G&C nanny you will be employed by one family. Our clients are busy families who need a well-trained nanny to help them. These are families that demand more from a nanny than from a childminder, babysitter or au pair .
Our nannies work for example in Amsterdam South, Aerdenhout or 't Gooi, but certainly also elsewhere in the Netherlands. Sometimes even abroad. We select nannies, train them and mediate between families and nannies. Our unique training (after your MBO or HBO) via the Nanny Academy is the thorough preparation for a great nanny career.

Do you want to know if becoming a nanny is right for you? Then call Miriam or fill in the contact form. We will call you back and are happy to inform you about the possibilities. Sometimes it is possible, for example, to spend a day with one of our nannies.

I can honestly say that through this family and through Görtz & Crown I am going through an incredibly beautiful change in my life, for which I am also very grateful. I feel that together we mean something to each other. Isn't that the best thing there is?

Nanny Rosannah

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Would you like to know more about becoming a nanny through G&C? Please contact us.