With a fulltime G&C nanny in your household, an atmosphere of peace, stability and structure is instantly created.

Why a Görtz & Crown nanny

The combination of having a busy life and giving the best possible care to your children can be a difficult task. A nanny can offer you relief.
Since 2008 Görtz & Crown started its Nanny service especially for the higher segment of the market. Many enterprising families, but also medical specialists get into difficulties with regular child care due to their irregular working hours. They look for solutions such as a guest parent or babysitter at home or sometimes an au pair. Görtz & Crown goes a considerable step further in quality.

We listen carefully to your wishes and look for a suitable nanny in our own G&C network who could be a good match with you. We often propose several candidates for you to discuss. If there is a match, a follow-up day is often agreed as a final check. Görtz & Crown will continue to support both the family and the nanny after the placement.

Pedagogical professionals

Görtz & Crown is a training and mediation agency for pedagogical professionals who want to devote themselves full-time to the pedagogical guidance of children and who want to unburden the family where possible so that there is peace and regularity for the children. This full-time care and guidance creates an optimal environment in which children can develop perfectly.

In short, with a fulltime G&C nanny you not only arrange your own childcare at home. Your children will receive 1-on-1 undivided attention from a well-screened pedagogical professional for whom working with children is an important motivator.

Family manager

A G&C nanny can work fulltime for one family. She takes up tasks regarding the children’s care and upbringing, as well as organizational tasks, such as coordinating playdates and appointments for the children. She does the grocery shopping and cooks nutritious meals. Furthermore, she can take over part of the housekeeping that is relevant for the children, such as doing laundry and ironing.

A G&C nanny creates a safe and secure environment that enables your children to develop to their full potential. Naturally, she does this in close partnership with you. Within often busy households, she acts as a beacon of tranquility by offering regularity and stability to the children and aranging organizational tasks for the household. We increasingly use the term ‘family manager’.

Well-screened nannies

We place thoroughly screened nannies at one family on a fulltime basis and prepare them for their task by training them in our own Nanny Academy. We guide and coach them after placement in your family. We also provide quarterly nanny training and access to our G&C nanny community for exchange of practical knowledge and experience.

A nanny can either work as a resident or non-resident nanny. A resident nanny works between 40 and 50 hours a week. A non-resident nanny works at least 30 hours a week. Working hours and days can be scheduled flexibly even in several periods throughout the year as long as the average hours per week on a yearly basis are comparable with the hours as stated in the employment contract.

G&C Nanny academy

Most already existing child-related courses do not specifically prepare you for this task. To guarantee optimal preparation for this specific job, Görtz & Crown provides their own post MBO/HBO training. Completing the basic training and additional modules at the G&C Nanny Academy is mandatory. To meet the high quality standards, Görtz & Crown only mediates for nannies who are willing to be (re)trained permanently.

One of our customers about their G&C nanny:

Working together with a professional nanny to manage the lives and wellbeing of our children is truly at a ‘different level’ than hiring an aupair or babysitter. A nanny is part of the management of the family, independently responsible to insure that the family unit works well and involved in the decision making. She is an integral part of helping the family shine and the ‘secret weapon’ behind managing a career and happy family.

Görtz & Crown nanny in opleiding

Nanny Miranda:

Nanny Miranda

You have to be open for everything and be sure of yourself, because a lot happens in a busy family with young children. The parents need to trust you blindly. It is great to be able to contribute to their children’s upbringing. You get so much love and respect in return.

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