The Görtz & Crown method is affiliated with our four core values: quality, discretion, personal and engaged.

G&C method

The Görtz & Crown method is affiliated with our four core values:



A G&C nanny is close to your personal life and therefore it is essential that you have a connection on a personal level. With our structured method, we accompany you in your search for a nanny that fits your wishes and for the optimal organization of your household.

We choose to pay a lot of attention to this. Before we start the search for your nanny, we always meet with you personally to discuss your needs and wishes, as well as our possibilities.


We understand that you want the best care for your child and this is the reason that we carefully select and train every G&C nanny. During the basic training at our Nanny Academy, they are trained specifically for the job of a nanny.

After this basic training our nannies follow additional modules every year. This is to keep them up-to-date and to respond to the newest trends and questions in the field of care, upbringing and development.


We are intimately involved with ‘our’ households and nannies. In addition to our periodic evaluative conversations with our employers as well as our nannies, we are always available to respond to unexpected situations. Our aim is a durable, long-term relationship.


It goes without saying that we handle sensitive information about you and your household with utmost confidentiality. For us and for our nannies, discretion is an important core value.

With Görtz & Crown, you can have a professional nanny to help you with the optimal organization of your household in just a few steps. This method may seem long with its 15 steps but can be completed in less than a month if needed.

During this contact we will discuss with you whether a nanny can be a solution for you.

After this contact, we will send you an e-mail containing information about our method, service and an overview of the costs. G&C works on a no cure no pay base. You can also find our terms and conditions here.

Your G&C contact plans the intake at your home at any moment that suits you best (also during evening hours). During the intake, she preferably meets the parents or caretakers. In this extensive, personal conversation we make an assessment of how a nanny would optimally fit in your life. Together, we summarize your wishes regarding the nanny.

After the intake and our search, we will introduce a number of nannies to you within an agreed period of time, by sending you their professionally drafted cv’s.

You make your first pick of one or more nannies from the cv’s, potentially after consulting with your G&C contact.

We will plan interviews with the nannies that you picked out, at a time that is suitable for you. The interviews will take place at your home, giving the nanny the opportunity to see (part of) your home, where she will spend a lot of her time, and perhaps her own space (if you choose a resident nanny). The way in which the interview proceeds is entirely up to you. We can advise you about this based on our experiences.

After these first meetings, you evaluate the interviews with your G&C contact by telephone or via email and we will determine which candidates you would like to proceed with.

In response to your choice of candidates, we will consult with them and plan one or more orientation days. Your candidate-nanny will visit your family for at least three hours, hereby enabling the children to meet their possible nanny. This orientation makes it possible for you to experience the collaboration and connection with you, the children and the nanny. Your G&C contact with evaluate these orientation days with you by telephone and you can indicate if you would like to employ one of the candidates.

In the case that you are not entirely confident about the candidates in this phase of the procedure, we will search for alternative candidates for you. Whenever you feel a connection with one of our nannies and you made your choice, we will continue the procedure.

You and your candidate-nanny discuss the terms of employment. This is usually done at the end of an orientation day or in a third meeting. G&C gives advice and assists in any meaningful way. We can also give you an indication of the salary for the nannies.

After you and your nanny agree about these terms of employment, you and your nanny sign up for a contract. If you wish, G&C can help you with drafting this contract. We can advise you about fiscal matters, matters concerning labor legislation or other matters that may further be of importance to you as an employer.

Once the contract is signed by you and your nanny, G&C will send an invoice for the mediation. In the case that we did not succeed in finding you a nanny we will not charge you and we will remove your data from our system.

One week after the start of the employment, your G&C contact will reach out to you and your nanny to review the first week. If necessary, we will provide extra coaching on the job to make sure you can leave matters to your nanny quickly and confidently.

After roughly three months we will contact you to evaluate the collaboration. In the case that you need advice or an evaluation in an earlier stage, we will naturally help you.

About two months before the end of the nanny’s year-long employment we will contact you again to evaluate the collaboration.

You experience tranquility and balance with a professional nanny that you can count on.

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