There is a considerable difference between an au-pair, a childminder or a Görtz & Crown nanny popularly known as ‘nanny’.

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Difference au pair, childminder and nanny

Au-pairChildminder / Regular nannyG&C nanny
Caring role 
Nurturing / educative role 
Taking over tasks 
Specialized in family pedagogy 
MBO 2/3  
MBO 4/HBO   
Coaching during and after placement 
High flexibility in working hours 
Employment for at least 1 year 
Contract for at least 30 hours per week 
Works for only one household 
Basic training Nanny Academy 
Further training Nanny Academy 
Nanny Inge
The biggest difference between working as a G & C nanny and a childminder is that you become part of the family. You are involved in many ways and you can support the family where and when needed. The security of working in paid employment is also very pleasant.
Nanny Inge
I want a nanny