The team

Ingrid Kolk

After graduating at the Schoevers Institute, Ingrid Kolk started her career as senior executive assistant and project manager at various international and listed enterprises. After this, she has gained years of experience as sales manager, department stores and cluster manager at multiple leading retail companies, including Albert Heijn and Prénatal. In all of her functions, Ingrid has not only gained experience in the financial and commercial field, but also in training, supporting and coaching employees. After having spent several years leading Görtz & Crown together with Hansje Görtz, Ingrid is Görtz & Crown’s full owner and director as of May 2014.

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Miriam Veenstra-Fischel

After her studies in fashion, Miriam Veenstra-Fischel has worked in this field for years, as a shop manager for high fashion brands among other functions. She started at Görtz & Crown as a management assistant to support the company management. During the last few years, she has grown within Görtz & Crown and is responsible for the mediation process, screenings of the nannies and other matters. She works with Ingrid to make sure the entire operational process goes smoothly.

Team Sietske

Sietske Altena: remedial educationalist

Sietske studied HBO Pedagogy in Leeuwarden and then did the master’s in Special Education in Groningen. During her studies she worked as a childminder and through multiple internships she worked with many different age groups. After her studies she started working as a nanny through Görtz and Crown. She has now been working as a nanny for 6.5 years. Sietske focuses on the pedagogical part of Görtz and Crown. She also trains and coaches G&C nannies in the Nanny Academy.


Jaap Lageman

Jaap studied business administration in Groningen. After his studies, he held various marketing and communication positions. Since 2000 he has been working independently for various clients, from small to large, from profit to non-profit. Since 2015 he is involved with Görtz & Crown for strategy, marketing and communication and recruitment of new nannies.

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