Our nannies, family managers and senior care assistants unburden private households, so that there is time and attention for those who need care.

G&C mission statement


Stressful world

The world we live in is changing. Think of the pace at which we all have to act in this. The gradual shift from collective provisions to individual responsibility (private market).  Due to the changing labor market and emancipation, our society has many double earners. 

All these developments lead on the one hand to greater pressure to perform. On the other hand on more personal responsibility in the private domain. Think of care for children, but also informal care and companionship for the older generation. After all, with the disappearance of care homes, the elderly are expected to continue to live independently at home for longer.

Time and attention are key values

Time and attention are absolute conditions for babies and (young) children to be able to develop into a young adult in a safe and stress-free environment. After all, in that early childhood the foundation is laid for further development. The older generation deserves the same time and attention, which will eventually require more care.

Unburdening is the solution

In order to be able to offer all children a stress-free environment, optimal development and a stable basis, quality tailor-made childcare is extremely important. Relieving and (pedagogical) support for the whole family is also a determining factor in this.

Also for the elderly, engaging external qualitative help can play an important role in not only being a companion for a older person, but also their possible partner and family. 

Mission statement

Relieving private households, leaving extra time for those who need attention and care.

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