Job offer

Do you really want to make a difference in educational terms and make use of your passion? Then becoming a nanny through Görtz & Crown might be something for you.

Onze G&C nannies werken fulltime (30+ uur per week) en ondersteunen drukbezette gezinnen met de opvoeding van de kinderen en het plannen van allerlei kind- en gezinsgerelateerde activiteiten. De term ‘family manager’ of ‘gezins-personal assistant’ is eigenlijk beter op z’n plaats. Je komt bij één gezin in loondienst. 


  • Sensitive: you know exactly how to deal with children and their parents. You sense the mood well and therefore consciously act accordingly. You offer a resting point for the whole family
  • Organizational talent: you have everything under control, you stick to the daily schedule and you do this in an instant
  • Flexible: during unexpected events you act calmly and respond to the situation
  • Creative in finding solutions
  • Independent and proactive
  • Inquisitive: continuing to develop yourself appeals to you
  • Stress resistant: you are prepared for all situations

We are always looking for candidates:

  • child-related completed study (MBO-3/4 or HBO)
  • minimum age of 22 years
  • work experience with children
  • eager to learn to realize their passion as a professional nanny
  • who would like to work full-time (at least 30 hours per week)

G&C nannies work full-time for and with 1 family and are therefore very flexible. G&C nannies relieve the family, so there is more quality time for parents and children. The nanny also sometimes travels with the family during holidays or temporarily takes over the entire care of the children during (business) trips of the parents.

Meet Görtz & Crown

Görtz & Crown is the training and mediation agency for professional nannies and has been active in the Netherlands and Belgium since 2008. Occasionally there are also placements elsewhere in Europe. Görtz & Crown is based on and inspired by the renowned Norland College in England. Founder Hansje Görtz is an alumnus of this program.

There is now a large community of Görtz & Crown nannies who keep in touch with each other and exchange knowledge and experiences in a closed Facebook group. Via G&C nannies stay informed of vacancies and they can find modules of the G&C Nanny Academy.

Onze missie:

In order to be able to offer all children a stress-free environment, optimal development and a stable basis, quality tailor-made childcare is extremely important. Relieving and (pedagogical) support for the whole family is also a determining factor in this.

Onze missie: ontzorgen van particuliere huishoudens waardoor er extra tijd is voor hen die aandacht en zorg nodig hebben.

nanny academy opleiding - vacature
Nanny Academy opleiding Görtz & Crown


All Görtz & Crown nannies are specifically trained for the nanny profession in our own G&C Nanny Academy. The nanny's work situation differs from regular childcare and there is too little attention for this in regular education. During practical training days you will receive continuous training. Moreover, there is coaching on the job.

Getrapte sollicitatieprocedure:

Wegens discretie en privacy, maar zeker ook om onze hoge kwaliteit te waarborgen hebben we een ‘getrapte’ sollicitatieprocedure: In een persoonlijk gesprek kijken we of je aan onze vooropleidings- en ervaringseisen voldoet en over de gewenste eigenschappen beschikt om toegelaten te kunnen worden tot de G&C Nanny Academy. De trainingsdagen bestaan uit persoonlijke, psychologische en praktische trainingen, rollenspellen en workshops. Na de G&C introductie workshop ben je wat ons betreft plaatsbaar bij een familie. Je hebt vanaf dat moment toegang tot onze joblist.

Terms of employment:

  • full employment contract with your employer in which you are insured for social security contributions and employer contributions are paid by your employer
  • 8% holiday pay and continued payment of the statutory holidays (minimum 4 weeks per year)
  • attractive salary that is on average at a higher level than usual in childcare

Information / contact:

Are you interested? Look for more information on and send us an e-mail via . You can also give us a call.