G&C mission statement

Görtz & Crown VISION:

‘Time and attention are absolute conditions for babies and (young) children to be able to develop into a young adult in a safe and stress-free environment. After all, in that young childhood period the basis is laid for further development. Due to the changing labor market and emancipation, we see that our society has many dual earners. This often places high pressure on young families. To be able to offer all children that stress-free environment, optimal development and stable basis, high-quality tailor-made childcare is extremely important. Relieving and (pedagogically) supporting the entire family is a determining factor in this.’

The MISSION of Görtz & Crown:

To offer quality, customized solutions and flexibility in the field of childcare and education.
Put the profession of professional Görtz and Crown nanny on the map as a fully-fledged profession at MBO / HBO level.
Recruit people for this profession and make them part of the Görtz & Crown community.
G&C nannies within the G&C Community to share knowledge and experience about their profession.
Permanent training and coaching of G&C nannies, in addition to this form of community learning.
Make the right matches between G&C nannies and families who are looking for a professional nanny and/or family/household manager.